Benjamin Braddock is a confused young man. Having spent four years achieving a brilliant scholastic record, upon graduation he finds himself adrift, uncertain about his future, disconnected from his purpose, and increasingly alienated from the upper-class, suburban, “plastic” world of his parents. Fighting panic and boredom, he is deeply conflicted but ultimately willing when Mrs. Robinson, the unhappily married, alcoholic, and dangerously charismatic wife of his father’s business partner, tempts him into an affair. Benjamin’s tenuous existence of lazy days and stolen nights falls apart when he falls in love -- with Elaine, Mrs. Robinson’s upbeat, optimistic daughter. Terry Johnson’s stage adaptation of The Graduate, based on the novel and the iconic 1967 film, is a bitterly hilarious dark comedy, full of rapid fire dialogue between fascinating and horrifying characters. This play explores family dysfunction, parental expectations, crumbling marriages, and the naive, yet disillusioned, dichotomy of youth, against the shiny backdrop of affluent Southern California in the 1960s.

Directed by Mark Giza


                                                                                Ben … Chris Rojas
                                                                                Mrs. Robinson … Jeanne Wysocki
                                                                                Mr. Robinson … Heath Verrill
                                                                                Elaine … Ally Reardon
                                                                                Mr. Braddock … John Flynn
                                                                                Mrs. Braddock … Margie Secora
                                                                                Stripper … Dina Del Buono
                                                                                Hotel Clerk … Rick Rubin
                                                                                Wedding Guests … Gail Weber, and more TB

                                                                                     Priest … TBD

The Theatre Guild of Hampden Presents The Graduate


MARCH 4-6 & 11-13, 2022

​The Red Barn

 883 Tinkham Road, Wilbraham, MA

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